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Things to Do in Boracay

Boracay has been touted as one the best beaches in the world. Aside from the great beach, there are whole other things that one can discover to do in Boracay that can make his or her experience there more worthwhile. Here is an article that lists all the other fun stuff one can do in Boracay.

1. Let’s start with the basic kind of lame stuff or some people activities. You can build a sandcastle. I know, you might say that activities are for kids and it’s hard to make one. But even though you don’t build one, you can watch the expert kids who create cool looking sand castles there. The castles that they create are then laden with candles to make it look more romantic.

2. If you want a very quiet experience away from the noises, Fridays is a place in Boracay that is on the far end. They clean their beach front 3 time’s day and have no vendors to bother you when you’re swimming. Their restaurant also offers nightly cultural dance such as the tinikling. In some instances they will even ask the guest to dance.

3. If you can’t leave the metro because of the shopping experience. Boracay also provides with the same shopping experience retro and surfer dude’s shopping style. You can buy various shades and bracelets that are cool souvenirs. You will even feel like a celebrity because of the constant hawking the vendors do to you.

4. You can also play 18 holes of golf on such resorts as Fairways and Blue waters.

5. One of the most popular past times tourist in Boracay do is go night clubbing. The most popular place to go nightclubbing on Boracay is Hey Jude and Coco Manggas.

6. There is now a wide variety of food that you can choose from in Boracay. It will not seem like you left the great foods of Metro Manila. It will in fact sound a bit like the opposite because when you go back in Manila, you’ll miss the Boracay food.

7. One of the other activities in Boracay White Beach is skim-boarding. It is like skateboarding on the sand on a piece of fiber glass (shaped like a skateboard) without the wheels. If you are not physically gifted or a klutz, you can still have fun by laughing at the amateurs who wash out. The vendors will usually charge P200 by the hour for renting their skim-boards.

These suggestions are only some of the few stuff that makes Boracay a great place to have fun. Because of the lots of other fun stuff, you might even forget that you came there to swim on Boracay White Beach.

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