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Activities in Subic Bay.

There are lots of places and things to do when visiting the Philippines. One of the many places in the Philippines that a person can have lots of fun is Subic. This place has got lots of activities to choose from. If you are a very city type person, going to Subic can help give you a different experience. It is because of the nature preserves and activities there. Here is a list of the activities that you can do at Subic Freeport. This list is the 10 things you should consider going to and trying to do at Subic.

The rainforest and the zoo.

Subic is one of the very few places where you can enjoy nature in the Philippines. When you drive around you will still see the thick forests on the side of the rod. Occasionally, you will even see some monkeys crossing the road. There is also a place there were lots and lots of bats literally live. It is a sight to see, especially for urban dwellers. Aside from monkeys and bats, there are also snakes, monitor lizards and wild boras in their forest.

Unfortunately, it is only the monkeys that you will regularly see on the side of the road. Not to worry though, Subic offers a zoo where there a wider range of animals. There are tigers and other exotic animals. There is also a petting zoo, crocodile sanctuary and a serpentarium. When you go into the zoo, there are also tigers that are lured onto the visitors ride. The two hour safari tour is P295 on weekdays and P395 on weekends.

The various outdoor activities.

There are lots of various activities to be done for visitors of Subic. If you are interested in having a horseback ride there is one in El Kabayo. You can also go trekking and have a jungle survival course. The jungle survival course will be with the local Aetas that will be tiring but worth it.

The hotels in Subic.

Subic hotels are not dilapidated. They are still able to provide you with the comfort and great service you’d need. If you decide to stay for a week at Subic, the hotels will be there to make sure everything is all right.

Ocean Adventure.

This is the Philippines local version of the Ocean world at San Diego. It may not be much compared to Ocean world but it still provides fun for the kids and kids at heart. There are various aquatic animals that one can see. There are also shows with the dolphins and killer whales. You can even touch the dolphins and killer whales.


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