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Avoiding the Sea in a Beach Resort

You announce to your friend that you and other adventurous tourists are traveling to the Philippines to visit him or her. And you ask for ideas about places that you may want to see and enjoy. The almost instantaneous answer is “the beach”. Is the beach the only type of landform that the Philippines can offer? Of course, not. The Philippines is one of the countries blessed with unique endemic birds, fishes, mammals, fruit trees, flowering plants, and other creatures. But, you have to accept the fact that the country is an archipelago, a group of small islands united to form one territory for the state. The country is practically surrounded by bodies of water. Thus, you cannot escape beaches.

Your traveling companions are also looking forward to swimming in white beaches, the ones with real waves and sun. People in other countries spend a lot of money in swimming pools that produce artificial waves or artificial sunlight. Now that the chance is here, they could not pass it up. The beach should be part of your itinerary.

However, you are not so fond of beaches. Perhaps you don’t know how to swim or have seen too many beaches already. So, where do you and your friends go when they want to enjoy the sea and sand and you want something else? You could go your separate ways or you could go to beach resorts that offer more than the sea. One such beach resort is called the Paradise Island Beach Resort. It is located in the Island Garden City of Samal and just a few minutes boat ride off a marina from Davao City.

The resort has a bird zoo that features several exotic colorful birds found in Asia. You can take a walk at a stone-packed paveway surrounded by green soft grass and enveloped by various musical sounds coming from the birds. If you take the kids along, they will have an educational experience, too. The cages are labeled with common and scientific names of the birds. The surrounding trees and plants are also labeled. The common names, obviously, are in the Filipino language.

If you care for a little sports action, the resort has billiard tables and table tennis tables. You may rent the equipment from persons-in-charge. And while your friends are wading in the water, you can practice your billiard skills while surrounded by men and women in their sexy swimwear.

There are more beach resorts like the Paradise Island Beach Resort. All you need to do is to ask around. The locals will be glad to help. You and your friends get what you want.

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