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Boracay Philippines

Ask any beach connoisseur and for sure they’ll include Boracay Philippines as part of their Top 10 Favorite Beachesin the world. And whyever not? Boracay Philippines, which is located in Southeast Asia, is known for its beautiful weather, fine white sand, clear sea water and amazing resorts. When you get there, natives would be warmly welcoming and sooner than you think, Boracay would feel just like home!

Are You Planning To Travel To Boracay Philippines?

If so, check for airline flights to Philippines, specifically either Manila or Cebu because those are two of the major entry ports of the country. If you’re coming from the United States, the flight would take slightly more than half a day so better make sure that you’ve got a good paperback handy unless you’re simply planning to hit the bed right after take-off.

What Should You Bring For Your Boracay Philippines Travel?

If there are no other places in the Philippines that you plan to travel to – that’s such a shame though because the Philippines has a lot other great places to offer, believe me – and Boracay is the only place that interests you, the following shall enlist key items that should be part of your baggage:

Swimwear – What else would you do in Boracay but swim and sunbathe? A lot of tourists rave about how lovely it is to sunbathe in Boracay and get the perfect tan. If you want to come back to your country looking all golden and with tan lines in the right places, better make sure then that you’re bringing your favorite swimsuits.

Toiletries – This is actually a must for all travel plans that you have, whether you’re heading to the Philippines or to the coast of Morocco. It pays to have your personal toiletries with you because that way, you’ll be prepared for any emergency.

Sunblock – I understand your need for a warm olive tone but you also have to be aware that thanks to global warming and our negligent care for the environment, ultraviolet rays are suddenly getting too harmful so without appropriate skin protection, you might just get more than you wished for.

Local Money – Although Boracay Philippines is a world-class beach haven, it’s not exactly near to major cities in the Philippines and there may be activities or places that do not accept American Visa. And which is why we advise you to exchange more than enough dollars for Philippine Peso so that there’s no chances of you searching for a money exchange center at three in the morning just to buy one scoop of ice cream from a street vendor anywhere in Boracay Philippines.


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