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Boracay White Beach - Philippines Travel Guide

The Philippines is a tropical country that is very proud of its rich culture and heritage. However the Filipinos are more proud of the great beaches they have in their country. One of the most well known tourist attractions in the Philippines when it comes to beach is Boracay White Beach.

Boracay is situated of the North Western Tip of the Panay Island. This beach island of the Philippines is the most well known and most often mentioned by foreigners and Filipinos alike. The place is very famous because of the very smooth white sands and the clean beach water. When one swims in Boracay, he or she will be totally relaxed.

Boracay White Beach can either be a place for party or a place where one would just want to relax and spend some time away from the stressful city. At night there are various clubs there that make the experience for party goers to be every fun. This is very true especially during the Holy Week, the Ati-Atihan Fiesta and All Saints Day. Because of the long holidays that the office people have they want to take break from it all and Boracay White Beach is the place they find relaxation. The popular places where people hang out is usually on Fridays, Cocomangas, Pier 1 and Hay Jude.

There are also places in Boracay where one could find great spas to release some tension he or she feels from all the stress on work. Aside from the great night lifer and great spas, there are more activities that can be done under the sun on Boracay White Beach.

Boracay is a very established island because it even has its own police stations and fire stations to help out when problems occur. The presence of these officers will definitely make you feel safer when you go to Boracay.

For people who are interested in diving or scubas, Boracay has 20 dive sites. The diver will enjoy the vast variety of fishes that he or she can be able to interact with. Aside from swimming and diving, other fun activities that the visitor can do is the Paraw riding. The Paraw is a long slender hulled boat and the Passengers will occasionally seat on a webbing area between the outrigger supports. They are hired to make island rounds or island hopping, an experience that is fun and will get you wet.

Boracay White Beach is among the top ten beaches in the world, and a fun place to go to. It is one of the Philippines greatest places to go to and one should not forget to pass by Boracay when one drops by in the Philippines.


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