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Boracay - Philippines Travel

For nature-lovers, Boracay Island has definitely something in store for you. Naturalists, photographers, spelunkers and brave souls have long been drawn to the numerous bat caves. Giant bats with wingspan reaching up to four feet have been sighted. Or you can climb Mount Luho, which is the island’s highest elevation (100 meters above sea level). Upon reaching the top, there’s a little kiosk waiting that serves refreshing drinks or you can just rest on the hammocks between the trees with your lover slowly rocking you to a relaxing state as you watch the sun set on the horizon from your beach resort.

When you stomach rumbles, hold on to your belt as there are bars and restaurants offering sumptuous menus and the collection is delightful: American, German, Belgian, Swiss, French, Spanish, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and of course our very own local dishes. Culinary seafood delights abound so much so that you’ll find it hard not to resist the likes of grilled shrimps, broiled crabs, fish fillets in oyster sauce…yum, yum! And the booze is overflowing too with all local and international brands of beers, wines and spirits being served to partygoers all over Boracay.

To burn the extra calories you induced, try walking it off by looking around the interesting shops and markets open to all curious buyers. The most important shopping item to buy if you’re in Boracay is beach apparel like Batik shirts and sandals as there’s nothing more unsightly than a newbie walking under the warm sun in baggy jeans and nylon shirt. Get your hands too on souvenir merchandise like exquisite woodcarvings, antique furniture, little trinkets, and native lamps.

Boracay by Night

As darkness fall, the island gives way to a different scene much touted by “night people” as truly enjoyable. Tricycles (motorcycles with passenger sidecars) can swing your around as you scout for the vibe you desire. Just enter any bar you fancy and just flow along with the current surge of energy. Who knows you might find yourself in a round of hot and sexy Tequila body shots or you might also hook up with a charismatic stranger from some Eastern European country?

Itching now to go to Boracay White Beach? Pack your bags and fly to the Philippines’ ultimate tourist destination. The country’s major airlines like the Philippine Airlines fly regularly to Kalibo where the world famous Ati-atihan fiesta is held yearly, Aklan. From there, you can take an air-conditioned bus to Caticlan, the jump-off point from where you will take a boat to Boracay. Asian Spirit and SeaAir, however, have direct flights from Manila to Caticlan airport three times a week. If you’re coming from Cebu, you can also take a direct flight to Caticlan. For those traveling by sea, there are shipping lines that ply the Manila-Caticlan route or Manila-Dumaguete (which is only half hour east of Kalibo).

So what are you waiting for? No matter what your heart’s desire is, Boracay Island can fulfill it beyond your wildest imaginations. Upon arriving there, all you have to do is prepare yourself for the next best days of your life.

Boracay Activities

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