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Davao Hotels - Philippines Travel

If you have been to Davao City before, you already know that the place is safe, modern amenities are accessible, fresh fruits are in abundance, and the people are helpful and friendly. It is the one city where taxi drivers are famous for giving you the change of the money you paid for the fare, even if the change is just one peso. And so, you go back to this wonderful city again, but this time, you didn’t join any package tour, nor did you have an advance hotel booking. There are so many hotels in Davao and it is not the peak season for tourists. Philippine travel could not be more convenient or relaxing. What could go wrong?

Perhaps it’s a jinx to have that kind of thought and that type of confidence. You ended up renting a room at an inn, which facade is imposing and with lots of nearby commercial outlets. It is the perfect place to relax a bit and to recover from jetlag. And it costs you roughly $20 a night. A good bargain for an air-conditioned two-bedroom with cable, shower and free breakfast. Besides, you really need a rest.

Once your head hits the pillow, you were pulled into a dreamless sleep. Hotels are wonderful inventions, was your last coherent thought. Then, you were jerked out of your slumber and your eyes were suddenly open wide, and your mind was alert. This is not normal because whenever you wake up, your eyes are the parts of your anatomy that are convinced last to leave the bed. Maybe this is just due to the newness of the place. And you close your eyes again. But wait. Is someone else using your shower? You were indignant at such an offense. You paid for the room, right? Whoever is using it, most probably a hotel staff, would be reported to the manager. You open the shower room and no one was there. The sounds of the shower are already gone. And the cold is already giving you goose bumps. You’re not a professed superstitious person, but your imagination is already going wild. You stayed awake and vigilant until it was morning. And you checked out.

You head out to one of the more famous hotels, such as the Waterfront Insular Hotel ($48), the Marco Polo Davao Hotel ($69), the Apo View Hotel ($48), and the Grand Men Seng Hotel ($33). These hotels offer 24-hour security and more modern amenities. They also do not have resident ghosts who will use your shower at the wee hours of dawn.

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