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Davao Travel Guide

Davao city is geographically the largest city in Asia. What makes it more interesting is that the landscapes it possesses are varied. There are white sand beaches, there are limestone caves, there are rivers meant for white water rafting, and there are mountains meant for exploring. And then there are little pockets of paradise fenced by trees. These are places where you can commune with nature but still retain the conveniences of modern technology beside you. You can also be sure that Davao Hotels are plentyful and you can always find a hotel within your budget.

The Samal Beaches are among the best in the area, you reach Samal beaches in a few minutes by boat from Davao City.

There is one part of Davao City that is accessible only by private vehicles or taxis. That is, the vehicles should manage the uphill winding cemented road. On this part of the city, you will find the Shrine and the Jack’s Ridge.

One of these little pockets is named Jaka Farm. You can reach it first by taking a jeep towards a district called Matina Pangi and then second by a long tricycle ride over bumpy roads. And last, a short trek that makes you cross a narrow river. But you will cross it in style. That is, you walk safely on a concrete bridge towards the little farm. Although residents warn that during rains, the water of the river will cover that little bridge.

The farm is a fruit farm and within it you will find not only fruit trees but also a fish pond where you can practice your trout catching techniques. Of course, you will need to pay for the fish you caught.

The roads are paved with smooth stones and the short trees are cut in such a way they form arches over the walkway. Shrubs with colorful flowers lined all paths. If you love these flowers and wanted to take some of them home, there are seedlings that you can buy. The caretaker of the farm is a friendly woman who is always willing to help.

The main feature of this resort, however is its swimming pool that is filled with cold spring water. On one side it is about four feet deep and on the other side, it is about seven feet deep. And since the water comes from a spring, it is not chlorinated. But neither is it stagnant. Around the pool are four little huts wherein two or three people can huddle and talk about anything and everything. There is a space wherein you can play a game of badminton. There is also an area in which you may cook your own food, such as roasted meat or roasted fish. And adjacent to it is a little cottage furnished with beds and a refrigerator.

After you are through swimming and eating, you may follow a hike trail that leads you to a high spot where you can find the city at your feet. If you wanted to plan a one-day “away from the city” vacation, but still remain inside the city, visit this fruit farm. There is no entrance fee.

It is even possible to do some mountain climbing in the nearby Mount Apo, so nobody can say that Davao is not a diverse vacation spot.

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