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Discover Sorsogon

Sorsogon is more than the fantastic natural wonders like unspoiled beaches, gentle whale sharks and awe-inspiring mountainscapes. This spectacular place also has great things to offer when it comes to culture and cuisine.

Like any other places in the Philippines, Sorsogon also showcases its socio-historical legacy via festivals held annually. These are glimpses into the cultural heritage of which each town has an abundance of.

An example is the “Bandalaan sa Bulan” every 31st of May, a festival showcasing the many uses of the “abaka”, a fiber which for some time during the Spanish colonial era was a major worldwide export.

Also, regale in the old houses or “bahay na bato” of Juban and Barcelona. Also, try not to miss the reputed oldest church established in the province at the town of Casiguran. Because the province is home to one of the country’s most devout peoples, “visita iglesia” or church visit is definitely a worthwhile component to a tour as Sorsogueños take good care of their churches.

In the capital city of Sorsogon, the “Kasanggayahan” Festival is celebrated from the 10th to the 17th of October in commemoration of its foundation as a province. Join the highlight of the festival, the incomparable dance of love called “Pantomina sa Tinampo”. “Pantomina” is replete with strutting, whirling, swirling, swinging, kneeling and even rolling as it imitates the movements of coquettish pigeons engaged in an amorous courtship ritual. Truly, a reflection of a hot-blooded Bikolano.

And talking about heat and passion, never leave the province without ever savoring the fiery cuisine of which “Bicol express” is legendary. This is a spicy concoction of sautéed pork, fish or shrimp; chili pepper; a generous dash of herbs and simmered in coconut milk. Other local specialties include boiled crabs and lobsters which can also be bought fresh from local seafood stalls or requested at resorts, caught straight from the sea. Also, taste the tangy and delicious “kinilaw na sira”, raw fish fillets soaked in vinegar and chili.

These cuisines are also served in the several fine hotels and pension houses in the province. There’s the Fernandos Hotel just across the city hall compound of Sorsogon, a perfect jump-off point for a tour of the province. But if you want to get closer to nature, try Veramaris Resort Hotel in Gubat and awaken your senses to the soft murmur of waves at the famous and perfect beach cove that is Rizal beach, named after the nation’s national hero.

If you’re tired of the usual tourist fare of crowded city streets and overrated resorts, try the unpretentious charm of the countryside and escape to Spectacular Sorsogon.

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