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Dive Sites in the Philippines

The Philippines is tropical archipelago located near the equator. The climate and location of the Philippines makes it a great place for divers to explore the great aquatic life. People are always fascinated by the wonderful colors and variation of marine life. It is a guarantee that when you decide to go to the Philippines you will have more than enough dive sites to satisfy you. Here is a list of some of the best dive sites in the Philippines.

Anilao Batangas:

It is located approximately 140km south of Manila. The proximity of this place makes it a favorite diving spot during holidays or weekends for busy divers. Excursions are also ideal in this town. This is because of the beaches and the dive sites that can be reached via short boat rides. Diving in Anilao is mainly done in the shallow gardens among the sandy patches and the coral slopes. You can choose from 24 dive sites between the Coast of Maricaban Island and Anilao. The most popular of the 24 dive sites is the Cathedral which is approximately 60 feet deep. It is a roofless cavern that has blessed crossed that is flanked by two large sea mounts.

Subic Bay, Olongapo:

You would just need to drive for 2 ½ hours north of Manila to arrive at Subic Bay dive site. This place is also set with virgin forest to make the place more breathtaking. When you dive at Subic, you can be able to see the sunken ships in that area. The Subic Freeport used to be American bases.

Puerto Gallera, Oriental Mindoro:

This place is a little further because you’d still need to ride a boat in the pier of Batangas to arrive. The trip is worth it because of the green scenery, sheltered coves and of course the fine beaches. The place has got a tremendous marine diversity that ahs made it a diving haven for some. There are at least two dozen diving sites that all provide the diver a great opportunity for photographs and experience.

Busuanga, Northern Palawan:

Busuanga is special because it has a game reserve; wildlife sanctuary and a diving site that has ship wrecks around Coron Bay. You can be able to see 12 wrecks in a depth that can still be dived. The place also has limestone cliffs, tiny isolated beaches. The beaches also have freshwater lakes that have hot springs. If you are adventurous you can also explore the hidden caverns that ahs an underwater entrances. Added attractions are he pearl farms.

These are only a few of the great dive sites in the Philippines.

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