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Exploring The Sagada Caves.

Perhaps the scenery you are looking for is not found in beaches and mountain resorts. You are not at all thrilled by steep waterfalls. Perhaps there is an untapped and talented spelunker in your heart. And this is why you need to go under the ground to find that fulfillment and adventure. Caving in the Sagada Caves can be viewed as an alternative to boating, hiking and rock climbing. But caving is also a combination of all these. This is why when you come to the Philippines, to have the ultimate experience of a lifetime, do not stay above the lands. Go under.

Practically all islands in the country have caves. Most of them are unexplored. Inside these caves, you will find underground rivers, slippery narrow passages, vaulted chambers, mineral-rich waterfalls, and spectacular rock formations. But if you have just decided to go caving and you have no equipment ready, then the Sagada Caves are your best destination. The Sagada caves is located in the Cordillera Mountain Province.

The Mountain Province around Sagada is a territory steeped with symbols of the unique culture of its natives. For example, there is the Alab Petrolyph. It is a huge formation of stone where bows and arrows were inscribed to illustrate the ancient fertility rites of the native tribes. There are hanging coffins or coffins that are attached and arrange in dizzyingly steep rock formations.

The Mountain Province is also range of mountains created by overpowering plate tectonic forces. There is the Mainit sulfuric hot springs that can be reached in 30 minutes using either a chartered or public utility jeepney from Bontoc. There is the Cagubatan enchanted eels that lived in the springs.

The people of Mountain province believe that these eels are sacred and are responsible for the continuous flow of water that irrigated their rice fields. This is why it is forbidden to eat the eels. And of course, there is the system of Sagada caves, one of the country’s most amazing and intensive natural formations. There are more then 60 known caves underneath the town of Sagada.

Inside the caves you will encounter underground streams and natural pools. The stalactite (from the ceiling) and the stalagmite (growing from the floor) formations make you imagine that you are walking inside a primitive palace. Some of the formations are golden and some are silvery.

The biggest of the caves is called the Sumaging. With a local tourist guide, you can spend about three hours in exploring it. But if you meant to explore as much of the Sagada caves as you can, then it is best to allot at least one day inside them. Then, afterwards, when you feel that you have spent all your energy, revive your tired body by lounging and swimming at the Bumod-ok Falls, which is very near the town proper of Sagada.

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