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Philippines Fiesta and Events

In all fronts of national life, this seems to be an exciting year for the Philippines. In the realm of government, the call for a stronger polity is seen as a step forward to focus on good governance. In economics, the administration’s shift from a macroeconomics policy to the microeconomics side is a welcome boost to the small and medium enterprises. In peace and order, the continued military support that US is extending has helped in combating insurgency and thwarting terrorist build-up.

The tourism sector greatly benefits from these positive developments. With bitter politicking getting the thumbs-down, local government units can concentrate on working on resources to enhance tourism in their respective jurisdictions. The focus on small and medium enterprises will create more entrepreneurial activities for low-income families living in high-tourist traffic areas. A peaceful and orderly society is always conducive to attracting more tourists who won’t have to worry about kidnappings and bomb threats.

With a re-invigorated Philippines, Filipinos and foreign visitors alike can look forward to a fantastic year. The archipelagic nation has an amusing concoction of festivals, celebrations and parties in all its 7,107 islands that an article in an international publication called the Philippines a one big carnival of sorts.

A revelry of merry-making

Indeed, the calendar of Philippine festivities is an exhilarating collection of revelries and special events. Every month offers various celebrations on every town and city. And the myriad of activities available is an eclectic array: from awe-inspiring fluvial processions and grand street merry-makings to thrilling whale shark watching and trekking along majestic countryscapes.

The Filipino penchance for the grand and the colorful may have been due to the intermingling of lively pagan rituals and fiery Spanish customs. This can be seen in festivals like the Ati-Atihan fiesta whose variants are scattered all over the country. Last month, Aklanons staged their annual Ati-Atihan known the world over. It’s a celebration in honor of Sto. Niño in which revelers in black paint and colorful costumes take it to the streets and dance uninhibitedly to the drum beats.

Festivals dedicated to the boy Jesus is common throughout the country like the Sinulog festival in Cebu also held every January and the Sto. Niño Festival in Hagonoy, Bulacan on the third week of February. Other similar festivals which feature colorful masks and dancing are the Pintados Festival in Tacloban City, Leyte held every June and the Masskara Festival of Bacolod held every October.

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