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Filipino Dishes To Live For

Perhaps there’s no way better to understand and appreciate the country you’re about to travel to than to taste the native delicacies the country has to offer. When you travel to the Philippines, be sure that you grab a bite of each and every delightful Filipino dish on offer. And to make sure you get a taste of every important Filipino dish, here’s a list of filipino food to look forward to when you travel to the Philippines.

Pan de sal with coffee – For breakfast, Filipinos love nothing else to have than hot pan de sal – a type of bread - and dipping it in their coffee. I know it sounds weird but if you truly want your trip to the Philippines as “authentic” as possible then why not start the day just as Filipinos do?

Lugaw – If you don’t feel the bread and coffee dish for breakfast then you could try partaking another popular breakfast dish such as lugaw or arroz caldo which is how it’s called in Spanish. In English, it’s known as rice broth. Add several drops of calamansi and this will no doubt add flavor to your dish and maybe to your Philippine travel experience as well.

Pancit Canton – This is originally a noodle dish from the Chinese and was adopted by the Philippine culture. If it’s not your first time to travel to Philippines, you’d be perhaps aware of the custom of Filipinos of including noodle dishes in their celebrations in their belief that it would prolong their lives. There’s yet another “more” Chinese version of the pancit canton and it’s called “misua”. When you travel to the Philippines, just drop by at their own Chinatown in Binondo, Manila and ask for a cup of misua.

Lechon – The national dish of the Philippines; if you travel to the country during the fiesta season, you’d no doubt notice that the crowning glory of the buffet table is always given to the lechon – or suckling pig. When you pass by La Loma, dubbed as Lechon City, you’ll see lechon of every size. And there’s even a Lechon Festival that’s celebrated by dressing the pigs in different attires. Be sure not to eat too much of this if you’ve got high blood pressure because it’s a delicacy rich in oil and fats.

Halo – Halo – This is the most popular and arguably the most elaborate type of dessert that the Philippines has to offer. Although it seems easy to do, if you don’t have the flair for it, the taste could go all wrong. While almost all the ingredients of halo-halo could be procured from the grocery stores as preserved goods, halo – halo tastes best when all its ingredients are fresh.


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