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A Gathering In Bukidnon - Philippines Travel

Bukidnon is one of the coldest regions in central Mindanao. It is actually a plateau and it was made as a stopover point for travelers coming from Davao towards Cagayan de oro City,and vice versa. This province is progressive and such is probably due to the vast tracks of lands that were cultivated and dedicated solely to pineapples.

So it will come as no surprise that the largest pineapple plantation in the Far East is located here. The pineapple plantation belongs to the Del Monte Philippines, Incorporated. This plantation spans several municipalities, including the Municipality of Manolo Fortich, the Libona, the Impasugong, the Sumilao, and the Malaybalay. Within the plantation, you will find a world class 18-hole golf course. And you need not be an employee or a board director of Del Monte so that you may have access to this famous golf-course.

Yet, in the face of such technology, the people of Bukidnon are proud of their ancestors especially of the original tribal settlers. This is why Bukidnon celebrates a cultural festival that is participated by the seven ethnic hill tribes. These tribes are the Talaandig, the Higaonon, the Umayamnon, the Manobo, the Tiwahanon, the Matigsalug, and, of course, the Bukidnon.

The cultural festival brings together all these tribes together so that they may showcase their crafts and other products. The cultural festival will also display their vivid cultures and traditions And this festival is called the “Kaamulan”, an indigenous Bukidnon term which means “a gathering”.

The events of a Kaamulan often include the following: A trade fair that feature various ethnic products; a garden show that exhibits the varied and abundant flora of the province; a food fest that allows many of the best cooks in the province to compete against each other and to produce the most mouth-watering dishes; an agricultural fair that showcases the various agricultural harvests, particularly the pineapple; a rodeo and horse show that demonstrates talents of young equestrians; and the never-absent street dancing competition.

However the highlight of Kaamulan is the specially prepared program about Bukidnon’s history. This program chronicles the coming of the tribes and their unique rituals. The program explains how Bukidnon was formed. And it shows the natural friendliness and charm of the people.

Kaamulan is celebrated at the same time as the Bukidnon’s Foundation Day. This is between the last week of February to the first week of March. This is why the people of Bukidnon are especially happy during the chosen date. They have two big reasons to celebrate.

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