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Hanging Coffins of Sagada - Philippines Travel

Aside from beaches the Philippines also has other wonderful natural tourist destinations that one can enjoy. One of those places is called Sagada. Sagada is a breathtaking place located way up North Luzon in the Philippines. People who are looking for a peace of mind or would want to meditate or have a spiritual experience go to Sagada. This is because this place is very far from civilization.

Here are some of the things that make Sagada a real paradise for some:

Hanging Coffins of Sagada:

Sagada couldn’t get more mystifying without the elements of the mummies. When you go to Sagada caves there are hanging coffins to be found on the cliffs made of limestone. Those coffins have been there for ages and it is quite a wonder how the people of old got the coffins there. These coffins are usually in groups that are neatly piled. These hanging coffins have been a century old and it is only Mother Nature that can also destroy their greatness

Sagada Rice Terraces:

There are lots of rice terraces found all over the Cordillera region. The most famous of all them is the one found in Banaue. However Sagada also has rice terraces that are smaller. The rice terraces at Sagada may be smaller but they are still a work of art. Imagine how great the minds of native people worked when they were able to form these advance engineering during their time. They designed this rice terraces to be able to maximize their farm space in a very crowded area and also prevent erosion.

The only difference between the rice terraces in Banaue and Sagada aside form size is the material used. In Banaue, they used compacted earth while they used small rocks on the Sagada.

Limestone Caves:

If one is an adventurer, going to Sagada will give you lots of thrills. One can have an adventure by venturing onto the caves. One of the most recommended caves to go to in Sagada is the Sumaging Cave. It is a big cave that was formed by water erosion. Inside the Sumaging cave, one can see rock formations that are dubbed “Rice Granary", "King's Curtain", "Dancing Hall", "Cauliflower", etc. because of their likeness t the real thing. There is also an area called the “tunnel” because one would need to maneuver in difficult ways just to get through.

Before, these caves also served as burial grounds where the Ifugao burried their dead in fetal positions and be put in a coffin carved from pine trees.

Sagada Waterfalls:

There are two waterfalls in Sagada; the smaller one is Bokong, while the more majestic one is called Bomod-Ok. Going to Bomod-Ok will take a hiker 4 hours, but once he arrives, all the weariness will be gone once he swims in the crystal clear water. For more adventurous people, they can even go to the top where the source of the water comes from. Bokong may be smaller but it is deeper, it is also fascinating because it is surrounded by the glorious rice terraces.

For an adventurer or a person trying to look for the greatness of nature, Sagada is one of the best places to go to in the Philippines.



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