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Jack's Ridge - Davao Travel Guide

Davao has a lot of things to be proud of. It is the location of the country’s highest peak, Mt. Apo. It is known for the most beautiful and sought-after orchid, the Waling-waling. It offers the most exotic fruits, including the Durian, the “fruit of the gods”. And it is the home of the national bird, the Philippine eagle. But when you’re in love, you don’t go to see all these things. I mean, this is not a biology class field trip. You take a stroll, holding hands, on a ridge that overlooks a cemetery.

There is one particular part in the Davao City that is accessible only by taxis or private vehicles. That is, the vehicles should manage the uphill winding cemented road. On this part of the city, you will find the Shrine and the Jack’s Ridge. The restaurants at the Ridge open early evening but the whole place is open earlier for people to explore, and have a romantic walk. With daylight, you can view the whole sprawling city and easily spot the tallest building, the Marco Polo. And on one part, you find the cemetery, with its white little stones. But these are not the best features of the Ridge.

The Ridge has several nooks in which to explore. There is a playground where adults may sit on the swing and pass the time. There is a life-like model of a Japanese plane that crashed on one side. There is a small green arena where couples may sit on benches and plan their lives together. And there is a telescope that you may use to see the face of the city up close. Of course, you have to pay a small amount for the use of the telescope.

Then, as night approaches, the little elf statues on the Ridge seemed to breath life. The cool air teases you and only then would you believe the statement written on one stone monument, that is, the whole ridge was once submerged under the sea. Once can only imagine the strong geological forces that tossed this piece of land to these heights. Perhaps stronger than the love?

With the dark, the lights of the city start to wake up. And the whole panorama resembles a collection of diamonds set on velvet black. The restaurants open and soft music invade the atmosphere. You and your partner find the perfect spot, where you can watch the jewel city and still have some privacy. Colorful lights from little lamps glitter gently all around you. And you order Filipino cuisines at affordable prices. And eat, and contemplate.

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