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Lake Sebu Mindanao - The Fog Lake

The world has changed. And this change is continuous and inevitable. We are surrounded by high-rise buildings, invaded by chips, enveloped by global warming, and ruled by a convenience–driven consumerism. Despite all these, the humanity in each of us seeks a certain kind of peace. It is a kind of peace that shelters the soul from stormy ordeals. And it is a peace that enchants the little child in us and gives him the power to dream. We look for it in songs and in movies. And we look for it in special secret places in this world.

The Lake Sebu is one of such secret places. It is near of the village of Suralla, in South Cotabato. This region in Mindanao can be reached after several hours of land travel from the City of Davao. And this region is the home of two vastly different native tribes that co-exist peacefully. One of the tribes is the T’boli, a highland tribe.

The T’bolis are known for their colorful costumes and brass ornaments. They are also well respected for their craftsmanship, especially in weaving and beadwork. According to one native, a T’boli shows his status in the tribe (such as chieftain, warrior, or wise elder) by wearing specific designs of beaded bracelets. The other tribe is the Tasadays, who dwell in the caves.

Their discovery rocked the world of historians and archaeologists. The usually naked Tasadays live off the land and have extremely simple family-centered lifestyles. Their main craft is the making of pots, often deprived of any intricate design. This is because the pots are basically utilitarian.

Lake Sebu is guarded by forested mountains. It supports a variety of aquatic plants and animals. And it is often hidden by a blanket of fog, both in the early morning and in the late afternoon. During such times, as you stand at the rim of the lake, your feet being embraced by cold water, you will find that the outside world is hidden from you.

You half-expect a chimerical creature to appear out of the whitish gray atmosphere and to show you its fantastic world. You suspect that tiny fairies are observing you but they are too afraid to come out of their hiding places. And you wish that the crystal waters will reveal to you a wonderful future.

Aside from the lake, the courageous and curious will find fulfillment in exploring the surrounding areas. There are refreshing springs that flow out of rocks. There are natural caves that provide a glimpse of the far past. And there are waterfalls that remind people the power of nature. If you believe that you have a daring spirit, then Lake Sebu is the perfect, off-the-beaten-track eco-adventure for you.

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