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Least Explored Islands - Camarines Sur Philippines

Camarines Sur is one of the provinces on Luzon Island in the Bicol region which is least explored by tourists. Yet, the untouched environments are just what many city-tired people are looking for. And here are some great islands to explore in this province.

The Animasola Island or the Balatan is a rocky island. As you approach this island by boat, you can see the inviting crystal waters bear the reflection of the nearby tall coconut trees. You will feel yourself needing to dip into those waters. Then you get off the boat and take that anticipated swim. After the swim, you may explore this little island. You will find rocks shaped into figures you haven’t seen or imagined before. The rock formations can only be described as exotic.

The next island to explore is the Atulayan Island. It is also known as “Sangay”. If you have seen the French-Italian movie, “Mutiny in the South Seas”, you will find that the panorama of Atulayan looked strangely familiar. This is because the movie was shot in this island. You may be tempted to reenact the exploration and swimming scenes.

These are fine, as long as you don’t attempt a fight scene. And if you adore shells, you will discover that Sangay is a paradise of rare shells and stones. However, you are not supposed to take these shells and stones from the islands. This rule is meant to preserve the ecosystem of the island.

Still another island to explore is the Daruanak Island. Like the first three islands, it has another name, the “Pasacao”. You can discern the form of this island if you are standing on the shore of either the Poñgol or the Balogo Beach. To reach the island, you may take the boat and travel 15 minutes.

When you arrive at Daruanak, you will discover that the beach is ideal for skiing. And if you brought your diving suit and oxygen tanks, you will be able to observe a rich marine life underwater. This island is the refuge of sea anemones, starfishes, and sea urchins.

And last, but not the least, you need to enjoy the tiny Aguirangan Island, which is also known as “Presentacion”. Using a motorized boat (called “banca” in the local dialect), you can reach it in about 30 minutes from the small port of Barangay Sabang in San Jose. But if you hire a speedboat, you will arrive at this island in roughly 15 minutes.

The total area of this island is about one and a half hectares. The white sand beaches of Presentacion are due to the powdered corals. And if you wanted to see more of such corals, you must scuba dive on the eastern side. This site is also ideal for snorkeling.

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