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Shopping in Manila - Philippines Travel

Going to the Philippines will not be complete for most tourists if they haven’t done their shopping. Because of the foreigner’s money exchange rate being higher than ours, they can get very good value for their money.

The best place to shop in the Philippines is in Metro Manila. All the biggest malls are found in Metro Manila. The malls that are found in Metro Manila are all very complete. Anything you can think about from DVD’s to the most expensive clothing can be found in the various malls.

The Shoe Mart Malls are the pioneer of all malls in Metro Manila. Inside their mall are lots and lots of stores that offer different products that are reasonably priced. This mall caters more to the middle class. In fact, the Shoe Mart malls can now be found all over the Philippines. As of the moment, they are planning to open up the Biggest Mall in the World, called the Mall of Asia. This will definitely cement Metro Manila’s legacy as a great place to shop.

For people who are more on a budget because they have spent all their money going to the beaches. There are also places for people with tight budgets. The person can decide to go to the flea markets of the Philippines located in Divisoria. The goods there are really cheap because most of the goods are surplus items or imported items from China. The only problem is that it really is a hard place to shop because lots of people go there which makes the place very crowded. Another place where one can shop that also has reasonable prices are the “tianges” found in Greenhills. They also offer almost same prices of those items found in Divisoria with less the hassle. The “tianges” in Greenhills also have shops for the higher end. In short Greenhills is the best of both worlds for some.

For the higher end items, such as Calvin Klein, Diesel and Polo, the person can go to Shangri-La Mall, Rockwell or Podium. Even though the items are signature items, for foreigners, the prices of these items are somewhat heaper compared to buying them at their own country. Or it just probably gives that kind of feeling because their money can buy more because of the higher value of their money here.

Enjoy your shopping spree here in the Philippines; juts try to avoid people who would take advantage of you when they see you have lots of money. They may even raise the price of the item and not tell of the discounts they have. Have fun shopping here and please get me a nice shirt too.

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