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Mountain Biking in Luzon.

For all mountain biking enthusiasts out there, the rugged mountains of Northern Luzon present one fulfilling and exhilarating challenge. The usual start off point is Baguio. Local bikers are always accommodating and guiding newcomers to their mountain biking trails. As you follow their route, you will encounter different tribal groups with fascinating houses, clothes, and jewelry. Here are some routes that you may take for your mountain biking adventure.

If you are set for a one-day biking experience, you will usually follow the route to Mt. Sto. Tomas. This is a quick run up that will energize your spirit but not enough to make you feel tired. Because after Mt. Sto. Tomas, you will attempt to bust your lungs careening towards the Ambuklao Dam and then back.

If you were planning a two-day adventure, you may go for a long ride towards Sagada. In Sagada, you may explore local roads and trails using your trusted bike. You may indulge in your photography with the springs, pools, and waterfalls in Sagada. And you may even explore the caves. But you need to leave behind your bike when you go caving.

From the town of Sagada, you will proceed to Bontoc, another mountainous region with incredibly cool temperatures. From Bontoc, you will pass through untouched mountain wilderness as you move towards Banaue. The roads are pretty narrow and these will offer enough challenge for every dedicated upland biker. In Banaue, you may make side trips to explore the rice terraces at Hungduan and Mayoyao.

If agricultural lands are not your kind of thing for a two-day biking trail, you may opt to start in Baguio and going to the Ambuklao Dam. From this dam, you may pedal your way up towards Abatan. Up in Abatan, you may take a little rest while taking pictures of the scenery before you. Then, climb on your bike again and careen down towards Cervantes.

You will meet many friendly and helpful people along the way. You may also buy some souvenirs for the friends you left behind. From Cervantes, you will go up towards an ethereal forest enveloped by cool mountain air. The place is called the Bessang Pass. But reaching it is not easy. The roads are rugged and there are enough dips and slopes that will make you produce more than enough sweat.

The routes we have described are just some of the routes frequented by tourists and bikers. There are other routes that you may take. To conquer them and avoid getting lost, all you need is a good trusted guide.

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