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Palawan Nature Paradise - Philippines Travel

The Philippines has been gifted with bountiful natural resources. All of these great natural resources can be found throughout the country. However, one of the provinces in the Philippines that has been gifted with the most is Palawan.

Palawan is a province located approximately 568 kilometers southwest of Metro Manila (the Philippine’s capital). You can go there either by land or by air. If you take the plane, it will be just an hour and five minutes long from manila. If you take the boat it will take you 20 long hours.

Once you arrive at the certain destination you choose at Palawan. You’ll instantly feel the slow moving world of their province. You will then be taken to your destination, whether it will be the resorts, the great natural reserves or the diving sites.

Palawan is home of one of the greatest diving sites in the world. The place is called the Tubbataha reef. The Tubbataha Reef has even been listed as one of the world’s heritage sites.

The place is well known because of the deep blue lagoon that is surrounded by the emerald green waters. In these waters you will find a whole lot of marine life, corals and if lucky, you might even find Nemo. There are also giant turtles and sea gulls that visit the place. When you visit the place you’ll feel like you are in a Discovery Channel special about marine life.

Going to Tubbataha reef will need you to book the trip 6 weeks prior to the actual travel date. After you arrive at Puerto Princesa (the Capital of Palawan), you will then be taken by a shuttle boat. The shuttle boat will then take another 12 hours before you reach the dive site. Be sure that you don’t feel sea sick during the trip because puking at the Tubbataha reef might cause you a hefty fine.

If you’re not willing to go diving but still want to see some fish. You may just want to go to the St. Paul Subterranean National Park. The place has a river inside a cave that stretches 8 kilometers long. When you reach the mouth of the cave, there will be a lagoon that will be filled with fishes.

The trip there will be less long compared going to Tubbataha reef. You would just need to ride a jeep for one and a half hour to reach the St. Paul bay. Once reaching the St. Paul Bay you will then ride a pump-boat for two hours.

Whatever natural experience you are looking for, Palawan has got it to offer you. Experience something different once in a while. Be adventurous and go to Palawan.


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