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Destinations - Philippines Travel Guide

There are many sights to see in the Philippines and the Filipino people are very hospitable and will often times go out of their way to make a visitor feel welcome in their country.


This is the main Island, the country's capital is located here. The main language in Luzon is Tagalog. Luzon is also the biggest island in the Philippines, it stretches through half the country from the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces near Sagada in north to Sorsogon in the south. The mountains up north also has the pleasant summer capital of the Philippines Baguio.


This is the middle part of the country, it consists of many small to large islands, Guimaras, Cebu, Boracay, Bohol and Samar is among best known islands in Visaya. This is the main island hopping area, you can always find a boat to the next island and the next adventure and the next Philippine resort. The main language here is Cebuano or Visayan.


This is the biggest island in the south, this area has the highest concentration of muslems and this creates problems in some areas, make sure you research your destination in Mindanao before going there to avoid unpleasant surprises. Mindanao is also home of the largest city by area in Asia - Davao.


Palawan is the most pristine and clean island in the Philippines, this is a long island located in the south-eastern part of the Philippines. the main city on Palawan is Puerto Princesa which has been declared the cleanest city in the Philippines many years in a row. Palawan is also mosquito country so bring lots of repellant and use a mosquito net.

Philippines Misc.

This is where we put articles containing information that is not area specific, such as marriage, seperation, adoption and information about the Philippines in general.

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