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Philippines as a Tourist Destination

The status of the Philippines has been blown way out of proportion by certain foreign establishments when they give travel warnings. Sure, the Philippines may experience the usual terrorist attacks, but isn’t it just a common scenario now a days? How come they don’t downplay Iraq terrorism when someone dies there everyday.

The Philippines may experience its usual share of terrorist acts but that doesn’t mean the whole country is affected. In fact only the furthest places of the Philippines are affected, such as Zamboanga or Basilan. Therefore the government establishments who only wish the best for their citizens should try to look at the Philippines a s whole. They should only point out the specific areas where the country may endanger foreigners. Because of their warnings, some of the best tourist spots in the country have been forgotten by the foreigners. The Philippines would love to have more foreigners come and visit their country so that the word will be spread how friendly the people are there and how great their tourist spots are.

If you are planning to visit the Philippines here are some basic information and fun facts that will be helpful.

The Philippines is the third largest English Speaking country in the world. If you are a tourist there will be no problem with the communication process. You will just have to pardon the Filipinos if the speak English in a very funny way. Just consider it a form of entertainment. This is because the Philippines has been colonized by the Americans to name a few. Because their country has been colonized by various other countries their culture is very unique and greatly influenced.

The Filipino people are very helpful and camaraderie is very much present thanks to the presence of the Malay culture. The family ties of Filipinos are also very strong because of the Chinese influence. They are also very pious because of the Spaniards. One common factor among Filipinos no matter the different culture because of their geography and influences is that they are all Hospitable and a place of smiles.

The Philippines is a tropical country, which makes it a great place to find the great beaches and relax. Among the few beaches that they are proud off is Boracay and some beaches in Palawan and Mindanao.

The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands. However not all are inhabitable and can be visited. But because of the many islands, it does intrigue a tourist to join the band wagon and try to find the habitable ones that will provide him or her best experience. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid of the travel warnings, because I’m pretty sure the Filipino people will take are of you.


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