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Philippine Travel - Gastronomical & Visual Delights

When you travel to the Philippines, there are just two important things that you should expect to delight your senses: great food and amazing places!
A lot of tourists from all over the world prefer to travel to the Philippines because you can enjoy and give you and your loved ones a jolly good time for a very affordable price, compared to staying in expensive cities such as Tokyo, London and New York. If you haven’t been to the Philippines yet, you’re missing a great deal because this country has a lot to offer.

As mentioned, the two most wonderful aspects of Philippine travel is food and places. Here’s a bit of what you may look forward to when you finally travel to the Philippines.

Eat All You Can
Literally, there are just so many restaurants all over the Philippines of different cuisines and ranging from posh to street casual that you’ll probably find yourself dizzy with the choices you’re offered. Well, whatever restaurant you end up choosing, here are a few dishes that you should watch out for, if you really want to have a taste of Fiipino-cooked-food and preferably kamayan, meaning eating it without utensils just using your hands.

Lechon – picture the whole body of a pig being roasted in a stick. Well, that’s what basically lechon is and do expect it to figure prominently in any party you attend to. In fact, for most Filipinos, no party is successful without the presence of lechon on the buffet table!

Adobo – A pork dish that has its roots in Spanish cuisine but is nonetheless considered as part of Filipino cuisine today. It may also be served with potatoes and eggs.

Balut – Chances are, when you see the dead duckling inside the egg, you’d probably feel you’d rather die than eat this bizarre filipino snack. But give it a try. It would at least be an experience worth recounting to your friends back home.

Visit All You Can
Now, we talk about the places to see in the Philippines. There are just so many sights to see in the Philippines that it’s hard to narrow them down. But if you travel to Philippines regularly, you’re sure to visit each and every one of them and to sample the filipino dishes.

Boracay – If your body is screaming for the sight of beautiful beaches, Boracay is the place to be. Everyone who’s anyone always goes to Boracay for the summer and at night, the place is transformed into just one big party place!

Ongpin – The Chinatown of the Philippines, visit Ongpin and be introduced to the Chinese culture, Filipino-style.

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