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Philippines Travel - Preparations

For a wonderful and trouble-free trip abroad, one has to make sure that all preparation that could be done would indeed be taken care of, whether it has something do with what you’re going to leave behind and what you’re going to leave with.

When preparing for travel, whether it’s to an unknown or known destination, it would always be advisable to keep a checklist so you won’t forget anything by accident. I’m sure your memory has never failed you before and though there’s no reason for it to fail you now, it’s better to be safe than sorry right? After all, leaving something behind on your way to your son’s hockey game is different from leaving something behind when you’re about to travel to another part of the globe.

If you’re all set for Philippine travel, here are just some preparation tips that you could add to your checklist.

What Do You Have To Bring? – This is a very good question to ask, wherever you’re going. And to have the proper answer, you need a little background information of your destination. If you’re about to travel to the Philippines, you should know that it’s a country with a tropical climate so do forget about bringing those wonderful new fur coats you’ve been dying to wear for the winter season. In the Philippines, there’s no such thing as winter and snow.

The closest they have to that they call “the rainy season” and that happens between June till the end of November. And rainy season, by the way, is translated as the occasional storm and typhoon so better prepare yourself to get wet if you travel between those months. On the other hand, expect the tropical heat to get to you during February to May.

If you’re traveling to the Philippines to get a beautiful tan then you now know when it’s best to hit the beaches of the Philippines. And there are a lot of islands to choose from, believe you me, since the Philippines is an archipelago and made up of more than seven thousand islands.

What To Wear – If you want to fit right in when you travel to the Philippines, do be aware that avant garde fashion is only accepted in the night club scenes and little else. Filipinos are quite conservative folks and you have to stay away from mini skirts and tube tops when attending religious services. And since this is a tropical country we’re talking about, better stick to light clothes if you don’t want the humidity to get to you.



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