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Puerto Galera Trip Report Part 3

The next morning we went out on the boat trip with our new found friends, we paid the boatman around 1000 pesos for the whole day. We started out going to into Puerto Galera town, to the market in there, to buy some fish, prawns and vegetables, then on to the boatman's village to get pots and pans and some cooked rice for our picnic. We sailed around for almost an hour just enjoying the beautiful view from the seaside, and then we found a deserted beach, where we was swimming and lazing in the sun. after an hour or two, we went back in the boat for some more sailing, the water around Mindoro's north coast is so clear and blue, its unbelievable. We found another deserted beach, where we stopped, and after another short swim, we started to prepare the barbeque, we had a big tuna, a bag of swordfish, a bag of king prawns and an icebox full of beer and sodas, nothing beats a picnic on the beach like that, we really had a good time. And all too soon, it was time to go back to Sabang. I can really recommend going on a boat trip if you go to Sabang / Puerto Galera, there are so many beautiful deserted beaches everywhere.view of sabang - puerto galera

Next day, we walked to small Lalaguna and big Lalaguna, the two neighbouring beaches, it was a very nice walk, some on the beach, and some on paths over the cliffs, the two Lalaguna's are much better beaches than Sabang, they are bot a lot cleaner, and more quiet, they have lots of small hotels and restaurants, we stopped into a small restaurant / diving shop for our lunch there, great food and nice people. It was defiantely worth the walk.

The next day, we moved to another room, we got room 21, the panoramic suite, its a round room on the top of the hotel, the hotel is made to look like a pirate fortress, and this was the top tower, the view from there was absolutely breathtaking, and there was a private lawn in front of the room, and another lawn on the roof of the tower, only accesible from inside the room, very cool. I was so happy about this room, and regretted not getting it from the start. it was a lot more private than the pent house suite. a lot smaller though, but who cares, you could lay in the bed, and look out the window and see the lagoon. absolutely gorgeous.

The lawn outside was put to good use that night, we went to the market with the hotel cook, and bought a tuna fish and a bag of king prawns. The cook took it back to the kitchen,cleaned it, and came up to us with a BBQ. I really came to like BBQ'ed Tuna on this trip :-) he cooked for us, and afterwards, we had some beers, well more than some.. actually a few too many. I had a great night, drinking and talking to the cook all night, a very friendly and talkative person.Tropicana Hotel Sabang

I spend all the next day in bed, and a short trip in the hotel pool, I was so hung over from all the beers the night before, I just couldnt move without everything in my body hurt. ouch !!. and to make it worse, the hotel was doing some construction work, and it was exactly that day they chose to work with a jack hammer all day :-( truly a day wasted in this nice paradise.

Our last day, we start packing our backs, and getting ready to departure, paid the bills, and got a jeepney to make a special ride to Puerto Galera, 150 pesos. There was a lot of vendors in Puerto Galera, they all tried to sell necklaceces and bracelets, some in stone and some in pearls. One of them sat down at the table in the cafe we were sitting in waiting for the ferry, and showed us his merchendise. I ended up buyng a set og a bracelet, a necklace and two earrings, supposedly in real pearls, but I doubt it hehe, the whole set was only 500 pesos, so not that big a deal.

Puerto GaleraThe ferry finally arrives, and we get ready to board. there are 6-7 kids running around on the outside of the ferry, and swimming around in the water around the ferry, they wanted us to throw coins in the water, so they could dive for them, I reached in the bottom of my bag, and found a good handfull coins which we threw in the water to them. It was like feeding time in a shark bassin. the kids was having a great time, competing who could get the most coins, and we passed the last few minutes before departure.

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