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Puerto Galera Trip

I came back to the Philippines after 2 weeks in Denmark, my girlfriend didn't know I was coming back, so she was in for a big surprise, she was not home when I got there, so I locked myself into our apartment, and waited. I knew she would be there within long, because we were supposed to chat online at about that time. She came home after about 20 minutes, and was very surprised and happy to see me.

I had planned for us to go to Puerto Galera for 5 days, and I had booked the penthouse suite in Hotel Tropicana at Sabang Beach, I have been in Puerto Galera 2 years ago, in White Beach, and I rally thought staying at Sabang Beach would more or less suck, because the beach there are dirty and not worth using. But small Lalaguna and Big Lalaguna beaches are within walking distance of Sabang Beach, and both beaches are much better than Sabang.

I had gotten the penthouse suite for 2070 pesos a night, which was a very good deal, compared to the first prices I saw on the Internet. I had arranged the transportation to Batangas with my usual driver, who had agreed to take us there for 2500 peso, I think that is a bit under the regular price, but it was low season, and I guess he reckoned he wouldn't get any other rides that day. Off we went to Batangas, stopped in one of the plazas on the toll way to fill up on McD. And to get my girlfriend some bonamine, she gets carsick if she doesn't take her bonamine.

We got to Batangas pier, and as usual, it was total chaos, the hawkers there will try to get you on their private bancas to Puerto Galera, so even if you arrive at 11AM, they will probably tell you that there are no more boats to Puerto Galera that day. I proceeded past them, and into the ticketing area, which is also a confusing and very noisy place. I looked around, looking for the ticket agent selling tickets for a real boat, my girlfriend doesn't like to sail in the bancas, I saw that the ticket in the left side of the room had pictures of a big boat, so I went over there and bought two tickets, I found the tickets a bit on the expensive side, but didn't think much about it, I just wanted to leave the ticketing area.

When you go into the waiting area, your ticket will be checked, and if you haven't done so already, you will be asked to buy a 20 pesos boarding pass. We got the boarding passes, and were finally let into the waiting area; we sat down and relaxed for a bit, until we were called to the gate for boarding. I was pleased to see the boat when we got out, a big sea kat, after waiting in line there to board for 5-10 minutes.. I started thinking. And I was in doubt I got the right tickets, I had tickets going to Calapan, the guy in the ticket booth had just smiled and said yes, when I asked him if it was to Puerto Galera, but knowing the Filipinos, you will also know that if someone smiles and says yes, it does not necessarily mean yes. So I started asking around the people next to me, if this boat was going to Puerto Galera, and finally a young guy next to us, explained to me, that I could go to Puerto Galera with this boat, BUT, I would have to ride a jeepney from Calapan, and when I asked him for how long, he just smiled and said: "I don't know".

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