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Samal Beach - Davao

The beaches of Samal are just like any beach of a tropical country. You will find towering coconut palms and dense mangrove swamps. Beach resorts have placed low stone-and-cement dikes between them to serve as demarcation structures and as crude ports for boats that traverse the sea between the island and Davao City.

Beaches are similar to jewels. When a jewel becomes popular and so many people are wearing it, the jewel’s value is reduced. In the same way, when a beach becomes famous and lots of people crowd it, it loses its attraction. It is supposed to be a place where you can unwind, recover your strength, and get in touch with the hidden you that was silenced by the hectic life in the city.

So where do you find a beach that is not crowded by both local and foreign tourists? Well, if you are going to look for it on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday, chances are, you won’t find a secluded beach like Samal Beach. But when you searched for it on a weekday, such as Wednesday, then that beach may be nearer than you initially thought.

You can find such beaches on a weekday in the Island Garden City of Samal. This island is just a few minutes ferry boat ride from Davao City. Its topography is a combination of rolling hills, rocky heights, obscure caves, icy waterfalls, beach coves, and white sandy beaches. The main mode of transportation within the island is the motorcycle. A motorcycle can accommodate four to six passengers and such is called “habal-habal”. The usual rate is twenty pesos each person. If you have doubts about the safety of the transportation set-up, you may wait for a small bus or jeepney. But expect to wait a long time. Buses and jeepneys are rare. Or you may just stick to the boats and beaches.

On a weekday, you can find only one or two tourists at beach resorts. The day is sleepy and blissfully quiet. Since there are no crowds, you will feel the relaxing breeze from the sea and you can sit back and appreciate the glittering water before you. The waves are gentle and everything is peaceful, except for little schools of fishes. It appears that you are not the only one who knew about the emptiness of such beaches on a weekday. Perhaps the fishes have monitored the beaches and when there are no people, they troop near the shoreline where they leap out of the water at the same time. They remind you of water exhibitions during the Asian games. When you wade through the water to approach them, the fishes knew that you’re alone. Through the clear water you will observe that they swim around you and then regroup at a distance to leap out again. Just like you, they love the deserted Samal beach.

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