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Sampling the Filipino Cuisine

One of the most wonderful things you’d be able to accomplish when traveling to different parts of the world is the chance to taste the original cuisine of each country. If you plan to travel to the Philippines and you’re looking forward to tasting the original dishes offered by Philippine cooks, you shan’t be disappointed because all Filipinos love cooking and eating.

Gastronomical & Visual Delights

There are literally hundreds of filipino dishes to choose from but since we have to limit everything to this article alone, we’ve simply decided to just include the best Philippine dishes and snacks. For your part, do make sure that you taste each and everyone of them!

Mango and bagoong – This is a delicacy that you can easily buy from street vendors all over Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Bagoong is a dish similar somewhat to caviar and is used to provide a contrasting flavor to its fruit complement.It depends on you whether you want the mango to be served in slices or in a stick. Sometimes, the mango is replaced by another fruit.

Lechon – The national dish of the country, lechon is the term used to describe a roasted pig in stick. And I’m talking about a whole pig here! Lechon is often the crowning dish in parties, especially in fiestas – celebrations enjoyed by the whole town or city.There’s even a Lechon festival which is a sight to behold as you see lechon dressed in different costumes.

Sizzling Sisig – If you travel to the Philippines, you must make sure that you drop by at Pampanga to enjoy their bestselling dish, sisig, which is made up basically of pork ears and mixed with other ingredients to enhance its taste.

Durian – the most famous product of Davao, a southern part of the Philippines. Not all people appreciate this fruit because of its rather strong odor but if you want a taste of Davao, you definitely have to take a bite.

Pancit Canton – Originally a Chinese noodle dish, Filipinos have modified its ingredients to make it entirely Filipino. Pancit canton is always present in all parties because it’s said to lengthen one’s life.

Balut – This Filipino egg dish was even featured once in a Fear Factor episode. Although its appearance leaves little to like, it deserves to be given a chance. Who knows, you might find you like it yourself!

Taho – a drink made basically from soy beans and mixed with sugar and sago. It’s a popular drink that most Filipinos favor to take at any time of the day.

If you’re able to eat and drink everything in this list when you travel to the Philippines, congratulations because you can now call yourself an honorary Filipino!

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