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Sea Adventures in Bohol - Visayas Travel Guide

The Philippines is an archipelago that has its share of great places to visit if one is a tourist. One of those places is Bohol.

Bohol is an island situated in the middle part of the Philippines called Visayas. Bohol has got tons of things to offer a tourist with its abundant natural tourist destinations. Bohol can offer you great beaches and wildlife.

Among the popular wildlife experience you can experience in Bohol is the time you can spend with dolphins. Natives serve as tourist to bring you to the Bohol Sea and spot dolphins and whales. You might have seen dolphins at zoos or shows, but this experience will be fun seeing the dolphins at their natural habitat.

To be able to see these dolphins, one must have to sacrifice to wake up early. Interested people should wake up as early as 5 A.M. You should go this early because dolphins will also look for food during this time of day, hence the chances of seeing them becomes more.

You will then be taken by a banca or a small pump boat to ride the seas. The guide will then usually bring you to places where the dolphins feed. When you see the dolphins, you’ll be amazed how cute they are.

As you move on, you will arrive to Pamilacan Island. This island has now been considered a sanctuary. The place serves as a nursery for smaller fishes. However, the island didn’t start out as a sanctuary at first. In fact, there are fishermen there who will show you their accomplishments of hunting sharks, whales and dolphins, when hunting them wasn’t banned yet.

At the northern side of Pamilacan Island lie the architectural wonders of the area. There are watchtowers there that have been built by the Spanish during their occupancy way back. The watchtowers served as a lookout for Moro Insurgency. There is also a story in the area about a church that was built there because a cross washed up ashore.

If you would just want to escape the urban experience for a while staying on Pamilacan idea may be a good idea. You can stay there overnight just watching the waves go by as you swim the great beaches. However, there is no electricity there and you would have to do with small cottages that could be rented for P500/day. If you do decide to stay there overnight, notify the people in advance, so that they could prepare your food.

There are also reefs near the area where one can have a great snorkeling experience as well.

Bohol is not yet one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the Philippines. This is because it hasn’t been commercialized much. If you are looking for something different, Bohol will always be there for you.


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