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Sea Kayaking - Philippines Travel

Sea kayaking is a newly-introduced sport in the Philippines. And this sport will likely become one of the most popular aquatic sports. It does not disturb or destroy sensitive ecosystems. It requires dexterity and talent. And it will be embraced by many Filipinos simply because the country is an archipelago composed of 7,107 islands.

While other countries offer only three to five different seascapes, the Philippines can provide almost every kind of seascape that a person can imagine. You may move unobtrusively through crystal clear waters, or explore mangrove swamps, or cut across beaches. You will pass by exotic villages, sail above coral reefs and fish feeding grounds, and even find shelter in sea caves. And if you are looking for something more exciting, that is rough-water kayaking, you may go to any island facing the rugged eastern coast. This is the main reason why international tourists choose the Philippines as their destination: to have one fine rough-sea kayaking experience.

Sea Kayaking in Caramoan

One of the islands facing the eastern coast is the Caramoan peninsula in Camarines Sur, off the coast of Bicol. This island is not yet a famous tourist destination. This means that a tourist must not expect hotels and restaurants. He has to settle for simpler but fresher foods, which may be served in banana leaves.

For the tourist who wants to get away to a peaceful and practically untouched environment, Caramoan is a great place to explore. If you plan to do some kayaking, you must bring your own kayak and other safety gears (helmets and life vests). The locals have not yet put up kayaks for rent or similar other businesses.

You may find it convenient to bring the inflatable kayaks, but these are just safe for rivers, lakes, and calm sea waters. Since Caramoan faces the Pacific, the waters tend to be more aggressive. The Plexiglas types of kayaks are infinitely safer. It is best that you use those models that flip up each time they flip under.

Sea Kayaking Safety

After you have sufficiently strained your arms paddling left and right, you may take a rest at the nearby Gota Beach. This beach has two caves, the Little Gota and the Big Gota. It is located in Barangay Paniman, which is approximately five kilometers away from the town proper of Caramoan.

In this site, you will also find several limestone islets that were named as the Malarad Island group. You may explore the caves or you may watch the wildlife or you may relax and lie down on the beach with white sand almost as fine as sugar.

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