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Sights to see in the Philippines

Are you looking for a new country to visit and enjoy? Are you bored with the usual places you travel to? Then by all means, broaden your horizons – why not try the Philippines?

The Republic of the Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia, an archipelago made up of more than seven thousand islands. A predominantly Catholic nation, the Philippines is also made up of a vast majority who speak fluent English.

If you’re from China or Taiwan, you’re in luck as well because there’s a large percentage of Filipinos who are part Chinese and they’re able to speak Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese, among other Chinese dialects.
There are a lot of wonderful sights to see when you travel to the Philippines and so I shan’t bore you anymore with a longer introduction.

Here’s a list of sights to check out if and when you travel to the Philippines:

Boracay – Arguably the most popular place in the Philippines, Boracay may be reached via plane or ship from Manila, the capital of the country. In fact, no visit to the Philippines won’t be considered a success if you don’t make time to travel to this sandy paradise. Many foreigners like you prefer to spend their vacation here because the beaches are great, the entertainment provided are world-class and accommodation and food is relatively affordable.

Intramuros – If you’re the type of traveler who’s very interested to learn about the history and culture of any place you visit then you definitely have to make a stop at the Walled City of Intramuros. There are tour guides whom you can hire so you’d be more able to appreciate the significance of everything you see in Intramuros.

Divisoria – If you want to see the real hustle and bustle of shopping in Manila then you definitely have to check out Divisoria, the shopping capital of the Philippines. You’d be amazed at the wide variety of items you’d be able to purchase there and all are for bargain! Haggle if you can and wear comfortable clothes because you’re sure to walk a lot in Divisoria.

Baguio – A northern province in the Philippines, it’s always a pleasure to everyone who makes time to travel to the summer capital of the Philippines. Proud to be one of the cleanest cities of the country, Baguio would impress you with its lush strawberry fields and pine scented gardens. If you find yourself unable to adjust to the humid and arid weather of the rest of the country, a visit to this place is definitely in order because of its cool soothing weather.

Other places of interest:
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