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Sinulog Festival - Philippines Travel Guide

The Philippines has always been known for its very warm and friendly people. Once you go to a hotel or even visit a nearby province, you will always be greeted with smiles and hospitability. What better way to accentuate and feel this warmth given to a tourist by joining or visiting one of the Philippines numerous festivals.

The Philippines all throughout the year will always have different festivities to show you their people’s hospitability. One of the famous festivals in the Philippines is the Sinulog festival which is held every Jan 13 to the 19th. Sinulog is actually a dance festival or ritual that is done in honor of the holy Child or Sto. Nino. The dance ritual is actually based from the sounds of the drum where one would need to move one step backward and two steps forward. The dance movement resembles the current of Cebu’s Pahina River, thus having the name Sinulog in Cebuano.

The Sinulog festival is abundant in color, sound, pageantry, and movement. The roots of this festival can be traced to the emotional attachment to the Sto. Nino by a lot of Cebu’s inhabitants. The dance’s evolution started out from the rhythmic movement of the elders while praying to the image’s sanctuary. The sanctuary is beautiful church that has an elaborate structure located near the waterfront of Cebu.

Believers and unbelievers are all drawn to the festival to be merry and just have fun. There is something for everyone during this celebration. For the faithful, they can be having their pilgrimage, homage and prayer. To those who are just visiting, the entertainment is great.

As stated earlier, the Sinulog festival is one of the most attended in the Philippines. This is because of the great street drama dancing performances. The dancing performances are all about the battle of Saint Miguel and Lucifer that is based on the catechetical legend.

As also stated above, the Sinulog dance movement is also based from the current of a river. So the performers will have to move in a wave like manner. The people who are along the road where the parade passes by will partake in the joyful event. They will then be joining the immensely colorful parade, the constant drum beats and the yelling of Pit Senor.

During the preparation period of the Sinulog Festival other activities have also spawned which made it livelier. Activities such as putting up decors to be noticed by the passing parade have spawned.

Go see the Sinulog Festival if you are here in the Philippines when it is being held. The fun you will have will surely be memorable and once in a life time.

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