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Spectacular Sorsogon - Philippines Travel

For an ordinary tourist, foreign or local, a popular Philippine tourist fare would be to snorkle somewhere in Palawan or a night’s out in Malate. But for an intrepid adventure seeker, traveling to the southernmost tip of the island of Luzon is a whole new experience.

Sorsogon is that peninsula in southern Luzon jutting out into the Pacific Ocean and is one of the six provinces that comprise the Bicol region. The name of the province tells of a story of a group of Spaniards lost in the relenting wilderness of the Bicolandia. Coming across a raging river, they asked a native where they could find the nearest settlement. The native pointed to the river and said “sosogon” meaning to follow, hence “Sorsogon”.

Today, Sorsogon still has that pristine quality that tourists are longing for in a dream vacation. Its 14 towns and capital city, also named Sorsogon, are pictures of unspoiled beauty. The province still boasts of green and lush mountain forests that are sanctuary to rare flora and fauna and bountiful and crystal-clear seas showcasing magnificent coral reefs and tropical fishes.

Because the province is almost completely surrounded by water, the geography offers exciting coastal and sea-based ecotour activities that cover most of the towns. Bask under the warm sun of the beaches of Gubat, Sta. Magdalena, Prieto Diaz and Bacon as you curl your toe fingers between fine grains of white sand. Or better yet, be tingled with the feel and sight of the pink sand island beaches of Matnog as you wander along primordial coves and inlets.

For the thrill-seekers in you, indulge in your favorite aquasports like scuba-diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, surfing and jet-skiing. Not yet satisfied, then travel to Donsol and witness for yourself the phenomenon that has brought this once sleepy town to its feet. Marvel at the gigantic “Butanding” or whale shark as it glides harmlessly on the water. These gentle creatures, considered as the largest fish, are also seen off the shores of Pilar, Castilla and Magallanes from the months of October to May.

If you are a nature enthusiast, you should not also miss the land-based ecotour that the province has to offer. At the forefront of this activity is the breath-taking trek in the Bulusan Mountain Lake Resort and the Mt. Bulusan Volcano and National Park.

Be enthralled by the calm, turquoise waters of the lake cradled by lush vegetation. Or brave the tempting and picturesque lure of an active volcano through mountain biking. It also doesn’t hurt to explore the mystical caves in the area. To cool it off, why not take a dip in the neighboring Irosin, reputed to be sitting on top of a vast reservoir of geothermal power.

Sorsogon is indeed a wonderful place to behold. So what are you waiting for? Visit Spectacular Sorsogon!

Discover Sorsogon

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