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Subic Bay - Philippines Travel Guide

Subic Freeport is one of the tourist destinations that foreigners can decide to go when they are in the Philippines. Subic Freeport used to be occupied by American soldiers before they left. Now Subic Bay has become one of the tourist spots in Philippines because of the enormous things that you can do there. Here are at least 5 things that a tourist can expect to do when going to Subic.

I: The Subic Diamond Casino

If you’re the type of person who considers gambling to be fun and a way to relax, going to the Diamond Casino will be helpful. This is because this casino’s ambiance is quite different. It won’t provide you with the dark, gloomy depressing ambiance that most casinos provide. The Subic Diamond Casino aims to be a world class casino and is surely making a mark in the Philippines.

II: Beaches

Who wouldn’t want to go to the beaches when you are here in the Philippines? Subic has 3 beaches for people who are interested in taking a swim. There are two beaches called the Dungaree beach, and the Kamayan beach. The latter one is a man made beach that used to be the playground of the Philippines former president.

III: Shopping

Shopping before at Subic used to be very special because of the cheaper goods that one can get there. Because the senate lifted the tariff exemption of the shops at Subic, shopping there became like shopping at your local groceries. There are still some shops like Pure Gold and Royal Duty Free to shop around. There are also lots of restaurants there that are good to eat. One place is the “Meta Shop” they have there, the steaks there are delicious.

IV: Water Sports and Golf

You can rent a Jet Ski for P2, 500 for half an hour. You can also go parasailing or banana boating. They will give you important tips though before you start to prevent any accidents. Subic is also an interesting place for divers. There are lot of sunken ships, corals and marine life. There are also golf courses around if you are a golf enthusiast.

V: Historical places and bunkers

Subic is one of the many places that are rich with Philippine history. The Spanish gate that stood way back when it was still used during the Spanish Occupation still stands. Subic was the sanctuary of the Spanish people before it fell into the hands of Americans and later on the Japanese. There are also lots of bunkers in Subic where missiles and other arms were stored during the wars. Now these bunkers have been transformed into warehouses.


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