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Touring Davao - Mindanao Travel Guide

Davao is another province in the Philippines where there are lots of tourist attractions. Davao is situated in the southern archipelago of the Philippines Mindanao. In fact Davao city is the largest city in Asia in terms of land area. It has a land area of 2,443.6 square kilometers.

Davao is another interesting place to visit because there are numerous interesting places to go there. This article will show the reader the various tourist spots one can see in Davao.

Mt. Apo:
Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain peak in the Philippines. Its peak is 10,311 feet above sea level. It is called Mt. Apo because it means it is the grandfather of all Philippine Mountains. There are lots of people who trek Mt. Apo because of its interesting terrain, geysers and sulphur pillars, rainwater lakes and lots of miniature water falls. Climbing Mount Apo will take you 4 days, but there are various trails so climbers can find the best path for them and also see the various terrains.

The Philippine Eagle Nature Center:
You can be able to see in this nature park/reserve the largest eagle in the world. The Philippine eagle was once known as the monkey eating eagle. It stands 3 and half feet and has powerful bills, strong legs and claws. This eagle can only be found in the eastern part of Luzon and heavily forested areas of Mindanao.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort:
The Davao Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located on Samal Island’s secluded cove, near the coast of Davao City. It was called pearl farm, because not long ago it really was a pearl farm. They harvested pearls from the tight lipped oysters and transported from the Sulu Sea. They would then cultivate these pearls to make them pink, white or golden. Today it is a resort that promises to make the visitor be relaxed with its facilities.

The cottages are modeled after the houses of native people from the seafaring Samal tribes. The cottages are houses on stilts that are situated near the shore. Every morning, you can be able to see schools of fishes under the houses.

Crocodile Park:
It is a place where local crocodiles are bred and in this park the biggest crocodile in the Philippines can be found.

Samal Beach:
If you are looking for secluded beaches, then you wont have to look further than Samal Beach.

Eden Nature Park:
It is a mountain resort that provides people with a cool climate where they can fish, horseback ride, camp, trek, and bird watch. Eden Nature Park in Davao provides the person with a great experience with his natural surroundings.

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