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Making your Philippines Travel Experience Unique

If it’s your first time to travel to the Philippine islands, you’ll probably find yourself satisfied just by touring the usual travel spots of the country and checking out its world famous beaches such as those in Boracay and Palawan. But if it’s not your first time and you’re looking for something new to do and to go to when you travel back to the Philippines, here are just a few things you could do to make your Philippine travel experience unique and definitely quite enjoyable.

Eat The Local Food – If you want a really good story to bring back home about your Philippine travels, why not be a little more adventurous when it comes to your gastronomical preferences? Ever heard of the word “lechon”? I’m sure you did. It’s the national food of the Philippines by the way and it comes in the form of a roasted pig.

Eaten with its own special kind of sauce, you’re sure to experience one of the greatest delights of your life. But be sure not to eat too many because it’s rich in fats. And when you’re done with the main dish, why not try to taste the favorite dessert of Filipinos, halo-halo? A wonderfully sweet concoction, halo-halo may be bought from the nearest food stall or in fast food chain outlets.

Be Part Of The Philippine Culture – When you travel to Japan, didn’t you ever consider trying out their national costume, the kimono? If you’re traveling to the Philippines, you may consider doing the same thing too by checking out the national costumes of the Philippines.

For men, they don what they call “barong tagalong” and for women, they have an elaborate costume called “baro’t saya” that’s matched with wooden sandals called “bakya”. And if you’re about to travel to other parts of the Philippines, you could also try checking out other national costumes that are worn by the different tribes of the Philippines.

Learn To Speak Filipino – If it’s your nth time already to travel to the Philippines then maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons a bit and get to know the locals a little better. Although most Filipinos you’d be encountering are able to converse and understand English, some, especially those from the working class, are able to make themselves understood better when they’re using their native tongue. If you try learning Filipino a bit, you’d be surprised with the depth of knowledge you’d learn from the locals and which could lead you to the lesser known but very interesting places of the Philippines.

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