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Vigan - Ilocos Sur - Philippines Travel Guide

The Philippines is an archipelago made up of 7,107 islands from the north to the south. This makes the Philippines an interesting place to visit because of the variation of culture and things you can see and experience by visiting each every island.

One of the famous places that a person can visit in the Philippines way up north is Vigan. Vigan is found in Ilocos Sur.

Vigan is a great place to visit because it makes you feel that you are living in the past. This is because Vigan still has all those Spanish houses built way way back when the Philippines were still under Spanish rule.

In fact on the poblacion itself there are still 180 administrative and religious structures, ancestral houses, historical landmarks and public parks. All of which have been built during the 18th and 19th century. This makes it the only colonial town that has been surviving in the Philippines.

For people who really want to be eccentric, traveling via horse carriages in Vigan is a fun way to go around town. There are also places there where you will be taught how to make pottery.

Aside from the manmade attractions in Vigan, there are still natural features that can be enjoyed as well. The place also has its share of beaches and rivers in which one can take a fresh dip after the tour.

In Vigan, the restaurants there are really perfect for romantic dinners. The places to dine are ancestral houses that have been turned into restaurants. Just imagine you and your date eating dinner like the renaissance times.

The foods in Vigan are also delectable. Try the seafood that Vigan offers. The seafood in Vigan is delectably fresh and scrumptious. Aside from the seafood, Vigan also specializes in sausages. Don’t forget to take home these sausages, because you don’t know what you’ll be missing.

Going to Vigan is one long ride from Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The trip will be a long and tiring 7 hours. Be prepared to either sleep during the whole trip or have some form of entertainment.

However that long 7 hour ride will seem really fast because of the scenic route along Ilocos Highway. There are 3 bus rides that will regularly go to Vigan – Manila, namely the Philippine Rabbit, Partas Bus Company, and Dominion.

If you’d want a faster trip, you can always opt to ride a plane. Philippine airlines offer trips going to Laog (also in Ilocos Sur) three times a week. After arriving at the Laog International Airport you can now drive on to Vigan; which will take another 1 and a half hour.

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