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What to see in Bohol - Visayas Travel

Bohol is one of the places in the Philippines that is less frequently explored by tourist. Bohol has got lots of things to offer an adventurous person. It has great natural parks and wildlife to enjoy and visit.

One of the famous places to visit on Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. In fact the place has been commonly associated with the Chocolate Hills often. This place is not like the Charlie and the Chocolate factory hills though.

The place is called chocolate hills because they look like women’s breast, giant mole hills or those hills drawn by children. These hills, approximately 1268, are often mistaken to be man made from looking at the pictures. However claims are dismissed when they are seen personally.

These hills all look alike in terms of shape. They are usually covered with green landscape, but when the dry season ends, they will eventually turn brown.

Another thing to visit in Bohol is the tarsiers. The tarsiers are like those lemurs in the animated cartoon Madagascar. They are even cuter, however they can not sing “I like to Move It, Move It.” They can however make you love them by looking at their cute eyes.

The tarsier is one of the worlds amazing wildlife that a person must see when he or she has the chance to visit Bohol. Seeing one is really rare because these animals usually hide out. These animals are really shy too.

Aside from the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier, Bohol can also provide you with great water activities. There are lots of great beaches there that haven’t been too commercialized yet. If you want a peaceful and quiet beach, Bohol can offer you just that.

Bohol also gives you the chance to meet and greet some whales and dolphins on the Bohol Sea. The experience will be worthwhile when you see the dolphins and whales on their natural habitats.

Like any other areas in the Philippines. Bohol also has got numerous great dive sites. There are countless dive sites to choose from and each can offer a variety of fishes.

If you love spelunking or have just grown fund of being like batman; Bohol has got countless caves for you to explore as well. The hills are mostly made of limestone that adventurous people can actually pass on and view.

You can go to Bohol two ways. You can either ride a plane via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. You can also go to Bohol riding ferries.

How you go to Bohol will not be much of a problem. What you should give more concern about is what among the numerous things to do in Bohol will you do?

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