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Boracay by Night - Philippines Travel Guide

You’ve already seen Boracay. You’ve waded in its clear waters. You’ve buried half of your body in its white sand. You’ve cheered at many parties. You’ve taken many sunset pictures. And you’ve seen many nude bodies to last you a lifetime. But have you ever felt the enormity of the universe and the smallness of your sphere while you were in Boracay White Beach?

Try sleeping when everyone else is awake and wake up when everyone grabs their forty winks. This happens at about two or three o’clock at dawn. At this time, the lights go out throwing the whole beach in the dark. The horizon of the sea will appear farther and looked mystical. And above it, all the stars shine their brightest. Whoever described stars as jewels hanging on the sky got it all wrong. They don’t look like safe jewels. They are beacons that hail from distant galaxies, which are hundreds and thousands of parsecs away. Some of them may be smaller than our sun and some of them are bigger. Infinitely bigger.

And then, you ask yourself, why do you see these stars only on this specific part of the sky? Astronomers would clinically explain that this is the view we have simply because our star system is near the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy. But then, could they explain why we are near the edge of the Milky Way? Are we serving some purpose by being in this area of the galaxy? Is there life on another planet that belongs to another solar system. If yes, would a creature there have the same view of the galaxy? Obviously, the answer is no, a life form from another part of the galaxy will have a different view.

This implies that our very existence have some purpose in the greater scheme of things. But what is it? Then we find ourselves similar to ants. So small and insignificant, yet still part of this world. You feel uncertain and yet priviledged.

Do you want to have the same experience? You can get to Boracay either by plane or by boat. Via the plane, you can arrive in various styles. But via the boat, try to avoid boots and heels since you are expected to jump from the boat into the water. But don’t worry, it’s not a long jump and the water is most often just knee high. Still, if you’re picky, you may let one of the locals carry you to the shore.


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