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Siargao Island - Best Surfing in the Philippines

Siargao Island is relatively unheard of to many people. There has been a steady increase of local and foreign tourists who visit the island. Its sites and attractions remain unexplored. .

Many foreign tourists who have visited the islands heard of Siargao through their friends. Most are regular visitors of the island who go to the beaches every year, hanging out for weeks or even months each tine they visit. Their satisfaction at each visit results to their coming back to the place. The city’s 17 islands and nearby waters is an experience they want to repeat.

Siargao is 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. This teardrop shape island has been frequented by both adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is considered as the Surfing Capital of Asia and the Philippines.

Due to its proximity to the Philippine Deep coupled with the big swell of the waters of the Pacific, Siargao is famous to surfers as having one of the most powerful wave in Asia. Its virgin beaches, warm clear waters of its reef offer a vast array of exotic marine life. Recently, a first-rate diving spot called the CATHEDRAL, so-called because of the blue cave resembling a tunnel as big as a cathedral with 100 meters visibility, was discovered. The island plays host to the annual International Surfing Competition in Cloud Nine, Catangnan held every October.

Many surfers consider the waves of Siargao as the best and most consistent surf in the Philippines. The island has made its mark in the surfing arena. Siargao is now one of the world’s great surfing in Asia largely due to the success of the First International Surfing Cup in 1996. “Cloud Nine”, located in General Luna, is it’s most renowned break. From July to November is the best time to surf since the strong waves of the island are moving constantly. The Siargao High Waves, which measures from 10 to 15 feet, comes from the waters of the Pacific and the Philippine Deep Sea.

The island is also emerging as one of the finest destinations for water sport in Asia and the Philippines. Sea kayaking, white sand beaches, concealed caves, lagoons, mangrove swamps, rock formations and Mountain Lakes are alternative attractions of the island of Siargao.

The existence of several endangered species of flora and fauna is the most striking feature of the island. Among them the Water Philippine Crocodile, marine turtles, sea cow, certain species of orchids and the "iron wood" or magcono. It is home to the biggest reserve of mangrove in the country stretching 8,760 hectares and long stretches of coral reef with rich marine resources.

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