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Boracay Activities - Philippines Travel

Sun. Beach. Fun. Paradise. Romance. Lovers. International. Hedonistic. Naughty. Getaway. Refuge. No other island among the more than 7,000 islands of the Philippines evokes such an eclectic myriad of images and appeal than Boracay White Beach.

Indeed, the key-shaped Boracay island is throbbing with passion for the good things in life that any visitor will find it easy to fall inlove with the place upon setting foot on it. Boracay beckons to everybody all year round (It’s during summertime though that the island really explodes with activities.) But what the heck, any time is a good time once those feet itch for a great travel destination! Like schools of multi-colored fishes, people from here and abroad flock to Boracay to experience what the buzz is all about.

Boracay is located at the northwestern tip of Aklan, Panay, off the Sibuyan Sea. Just lying across Palawan, it is the westernmost island of the Western Visayas, bordering Mindoro on the northwest and Romblon on the north. Yapak, Balabag and Manoc-manoc are the island’s three communities which are home to more than 30 beaches, 10 of which are outstanding. The most popular is the Boracay White Beach, a 4-kilometer stretch of white pristine sand and crystal blue waters, so strikingly beautiful that it has already become legendary among frequent Boracay visitors. Just walking along the shore—digging your feet in the powdery sand—is already an unforgettable experience.

Boracay by Night

Scattered along these many beaches are various establishments catering to all tastes and pocket sizes (read: budget) and offering different services and activities. If you’re in a hurry to see what the best of the island can offer, you can rent an outrigger boat from your resort and go around too see for yourself. Don’t miss the Carabao Island which is home to skilled artisans who mastered the construction and sailing of colorful paraws (small, fast outrigger sailboats).

Or you can just go straight to a diving trip and witness the underwater spectacle of exotic fishes flitting in an out of fantastic coral formations. Some of the country’s best diving spots are in Boracay Island like “The Wall” in Yapak, a coral formation rising to 30 to 50 feet. If lucky you can spot a sleek Mantra ray or an ominous Hammerhead shark. Your kids too can enjoy the seascape with a tamer snorkelling. Laurel Island offers a unique attraction for inexperienced snorkellers with its partly flooded cave which opens to the sea. Windsurfing is another fun-filled activity. You can catch sustained winds at Bulabog Beach at the eastern coast and feel like you’re flying above the waters.

If you get tired of watersports, get your feet on the ground and enjoy some land-based activities. And whatever sports you’re into, the island has no shortage of available traditional and mainstream sports. There’s a 19-hole world-class fairway which any aspiring Woods and Palmers out there can find a great challenge. For volleyball enthusiasts, there are always amateur games organized by resorts and held right on the Boracay beach front amidst cheering spectators.


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