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Comparing Philippine Resorts

The Philippines is very famous for its warm weather and great resorts. The great resorts that the Philippines offers ranges from all directions. The great resorts can be found on the northern, southern, eastern, and western parts of the Philippines. Among the most famous beaches that are found in the Philippines are Boracay, Palawan Resorts (Amanpulo & El Nido), and the Davao Resorts (Pearl Farm).

Let’s compare each one of these beach resorts to give you more of an idea where destination you want to be dropped off.


This is the beach where most tourists often know about. Because of it, Boracay is where most tourists end up. Who could blame them? Boracay offers you great, smooth and fine white sands with refreshing beach water. In Boracay, there are no rough and hard stuff on the sand that will torture your feet. Because Boracay is the most famous among the best resorts in the Philippines it has since been too commercialized. There are now lots of restaurants and clubs there for people who love the nightlife. Aside from the night time activities and swimming Boracay also offers activities such as water sports and diving activities.

Palawan Resorts (Amanpulo Resort & El Nido Palawan ):

If you’re the type of person who would like to experience relaxation by having some peace and quiet, the resorts in Palawan is right for you. The resorts in Palawan are all very away from civilization compared to the commercialized Boracay. Even though they are further away from civilization compared to Boracay, the place is still pretty much safe. They are very well coordinated with the Philippine National Police and Military to prevent any incidents. Because they are far from civilization, the resorts and places there are more in tuned to activities regarding the natural resources, such as rock climbing, diving, etc. In fact one of the best diving sites in the world, Tubbataha reef is found in Palawan.

Davao Resorts (Pearl Farm):

If you’re thinking about going to a resort way way south of the Philippines, the resorts in Davao are suggested for you. Pearl Farm is one of the best resorts that the southern part of the Philippines has to offer. The place is in a secluded island cove where guests can also enjoy their privacy. It has been called Pearl farm because before it was a resort, pearl farmers cultivated their pearls there. Now it has been transformed into a resort where everyone can enjoy. This is also close to Jack's Ridge.

There are more resorts in the Philippines that you can ask your travel agent about. But these three are among the best the Philippines has got to offer.



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